A group of protesters has occupied the woodland between Käerjeng and Sanem since Friday to demonstrate their disapproval of plans to build a bypass.

In an unprecedented action in this country, a group of activists have joined together to occupy a section of woodland which is earmarked for construction - the "Bobësch", situated on a 4-kilometre stretch of land between Käerjeng and Sanem, where plans are afoot to build a new bypass.

The plans for the bypass, which is designed to relieve the main road in Bascharage due to high nitrogen values, have been around for several years. However, environmental organisations have actively opposed the plans since their conception, in part because the new road is set to pass through a Natura 2000 zone. Both the Mouvement Ecologique and the Sanem citizens' initiative have attempted to take legal action against the project in the past.

Now, a new movement has been active since last Friday, settling in the forest under the slogan "Bobi Bleift" (Bobi stays). Forest occupation is a popular demonstration in other countries, including our neighbours - in Trier, a similar movement has been in place since 2021 under the slogan "Besch bleibt" to prevent a motorway extension.

The "cross-generational collective", as the Bobi Bleift movement describes itself, calls for measures to manage and reduce car traffic instead of building a new road. "The government could take many other measures (such as investment in public transport, P&R, electric mobility, car-sharing and intelligent lighting systems) to combat climate change," the group states in a press release.

In addition, the group advocates for a halt to other road projects and for the protection of all forests. Construction of the Bascharage bypass has not yet started. In response to RTL's questions, the initiative's members said they were willing to keep their peaceful protest going as long as necessary.