A group of experts tasked with evaluating the potential introduction of a coronavirus vaccine mandate in Luxembourg presented their conclusions in a press conference on Tuesday.

The group recommended that a Covid vaccine mandate should be prepared for over-50s and implemented in case a new, more serious variant emerges.

Healthcare workers should not be required to take a vaccine, the group further advised, although it recommended that all workers in the sector should have to declare their vaccination status.

The government should retain a legal framework to introduce restrictions quickly once more in the autumn if a serious variant spreads.

Around 80% of over-50s in Luxembourg have been fully vaccinated, meaning 50,000 are only partially or not vaccinated.

The cabinet will now meet to discuss the group's recommendations. Prime Minister Xavier Bettel is expected to make a statement in the Chamber of Deputies on Friday.

The expert group was made up of the following five people: Dr Vic Arendt, Prof Dr Claude Muller, Dr Gérard Schockmel, Dr Thérèse Straub, and Prof Dr Paul Wilmes.

You can read our live ticker translations of the press conference as it happened below.