The Housing Observatory has published a list of 49 entities or individuals who own more than five hectares of land designated for building in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg has many riches, but one is increasingly rare: land available for construction.

The Housing Observatory has recently provided details to answer a question that many people are asking: who owns this building land in Luxembourg?

The Observatory, thanks to data provided by the Ministry of Housing, has published a list of the 49 owners with more than five hectares of building land for housing.

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These alone represent a total surface area of 939 hectares (i.e. 25.2% of the total building land potential for housing identified in 2020/2021).

This list of the largest owners includes 15 local and four international private real estate companies, two companies from other sectors, the state as well as four state-owned funds, nine municipalities, the Church Fund, the Red Cross, but also 12 private individuals.