Protestors disrupted the Christmas market and gathered outside Prime Minister Bettel's home.

On Saturday, a protest against the government's Covid measures spiralled out of control in Luxembourg City.

Deputy Prime Minister Françcois Bausch took to twitter to voice his dismay: "Yes to freedom of opinion and freedom to protest. No to aggressions, vandalism, and attempts of intimidation. We cannot tolerate what happened at the Christmas market and outside PM Bettel's home today."

The Christian Social People's Party (CVS) also issued a statement on twitter: "We support freedom of opinion. We support the right to protest. But there are rules, and all those rights end when private people are being targeted in their homes or when the Christmas market is being stormed."

MP Sven Clement from the Pirate Party also condemned protests outside of private homes, stating that those people have left the "democratic debate" to become a mob.

Tom Junge, secretary general at the Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party, issued a statement onFacebook where he also condemned last night's rioters.

Party colleague Mars Di Bartolomeo condemned the cowardly actions of the rioters and stated that his tolerance has reached its limits.

PM Bettel also commented on last night's events and the fact that people threw eggs at his house: "Freedom of opinion does not equal a right to intimidate families with small children by storming the Christmas market. Freedom of opinion does not give you the right to attack people with a different view. Freedom of opinion does not give you the right to deny the holocaust."

Minister for Family Affairs and Integration Corinne Cahen, who already saw protestors outside her home earlier this week, was evacuated by the police together with her children on Saturday.

Minister for Internal Security Henri Kox has meanwhile issued a statement to underline that everyone has a right to their own opinion, but condemned every form of vandalism, harassment, and intimidation.