Even in times of carbon taxes and "Fridays for Future", people are still fascinated by combustion engines and the thrills of motorised vehicles.

Although green mobility was not completely ignored by the motor show, the majority of exhibits (68 out of 80 stalls) were still reserved for cars with traditional combustion engines. However, one in two vehicles participating in the motorcycle show were electric, which event organiser Christian Jupsin saw as a chance to convince traditionalists of new and alternative transportation means.

Opinions at the motor show were split on the electric vehicle trend, with some people voicing concerns over the production conditions of electric car batteries.

Some sceptics argue that there are not enough charging stations to fully support electric driving models, and that one full charge is too insignificant to cover great distances in one go.

Young people are mostly concerned about the prices of electric cars, which are currently too expensive in direct comparison with traditional vehicles.

Furthermore, adolescents at the fair noted that they tend to go for second-hand cars as their first vehicle, but would be willing to switch to electric cars once they become more affordable.

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