During the parliamentary debate on the new Covid-19 law, the Prime Minister denounced a "minority" of the population that "forces the majority" to live with restrictions instead of "participating in the collective effort".

Xavier Bettel took advantage of his speaking time during the vote on the new Covid-19 law to express his thoughts on those who have so far refused to get vaccinated in Luxembourg.

Specifically, the Prime Minister said that it is "not normal" that the government has to continue to impose restrictions on 85% (of vaccinated residents) because 15% do not want to be vaccinated. Bettel then claimed that they were depriving the vaccinated majority "of a return to normal life".

"It has been said here (in the Chamber of Deputies) that we need to protect this minority," he continued. But for the Prime Minister, it is "also a question of protecting the majority".

"I cannot deprive the majority of its rights because a minority simply does not want to conceive that it is in the interest of living together that we make a collective effort against the virus," he said, raising his voice.

Bettel has thus made his stance on the issue very clear, after already expressing himself in a similar way during his press conference with Paulette Lenert on 1 September 2021.