This information was shared by Minister for the Environment Carole Dieschbourg in her reply to a parliamentary question by MP Gusty Graas from the Democratic Party (DP).

Four of the country's sewage treatment plants were significantly affected by the floods in mid-July: Bettembourg, Echternach, Rosport, and Moersdorf. It will take several months before they will be able to operate normally again.

The minister estimates the damage of the plant in Echternach at around €2 million, while the repair works at the plants in Rosport and Moersdorf combined are expected to add up to around €1 million.

In addition, there are the costs for repairs to the network, such as the pump stations, storm water basins, collectors, and so on.

MP François Benoy from the Green Party (Déi Gréng) submitted a similar parliamentary question in the context of July's historic floods.