Feduse, the union for teachers who are members of the General Confederation of Public Service (CGFP), has called for additional coronavirus measures to be taken in schools ahead of the new term.

Alongside existing measures, such as frequent ventilation and washing hands, Feduse has requested mobile air filtering machines be installed in classrooms to protect from coronavirus.

In addition, the union believes the CovidCheck principles should apply to all members within the secondary school community. In a statement published on Sunday evening, the federation said if it were possible to allow the public to congregate in restaurants, at concerts or clubs without masks and social distancing, it should be feasible to do the same in classrooms.

With this in mind, people who can fulfill one of the three CovidCheck conditions - with evidence of full vaccination, recovery, or a negative test result - should be allowed to attend classes without wearing a mask.

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This would be a relief to students and teaching staff alike, says the union.

People who are not yet vaccinated, and who have never contracted Covid, should be permitted to take a rapid test under school supervision three times a week, or bring a certified test result from outside the school to prove their negative status every 48 hours.
The union also suggests that secondary schools be included on the vaccine bus rounds, so pupils can get vaccinated with their parents' permission.

The government council is due to meet on Wednesday to decide a concrete coronavirus strategy for schools, just two weeks before the new term begins. Ministers are expected to confirm measures in a press conference at a later date.