In its 2020 report, the Kirchberg Fund presents its infrastructural vision for the Luxembourg City district, as well as a number of projects set to be launched in the coming years.

On paper, the future of Kirchberg seems truly radiant: apartments, businesses, parks, and an improved public transport network. The Kirchberg Fund hopes to eventually offer a variety of housing opportunities, "affordable for people with all sorts of income".

In 2020, 6,624 people lived in Kirchberg, with an additional 12,000 working in the quarter. Both rates are expected to significantly increase in the future, with local population potentially reaching more than 27,500 inhabitants by 2040. The Fund further estimates that 66,700 employees could commute to Kirchberg on a daily basis.

Multiple projects have been planned for the years to come, which also include the new Luxexpo convention site. The areas Laangfur and Kuebebierg will turn into veritable living quarters, small microcosms that have all essential shops right next-door.

More than 10,000 people can eventually move into the northern part of Kirchberg. 2,700 pupils will frequent the local primary and secondary schools. Among them Michel Lucius high school, currently still located in Limpertsberg.


The Kubebierg living area will be right next to the RTL headquarters. / © Domingos Oliveira / RTL

The Fund hopes to limit and reduce the use of cars in the area. Ideally, they want no more than one vehicle for every two households, a truly ambitious goal.

The districts will therefore have a second tram line, which connects the funicular railway station with the living areas via Boulevard Adenauer.


The second tram line will travel alongside BCE and the towers of the European Court of Justice, before arriving at the European School, and the Laangfur and Kuebebierg areas. / © Fonds Kirchberg

By spring 2023, the Three Acorns park will receive a new pedestrian and cycling bridge. Made from stainless steel, the bridge will be suspended and allow people to move among the crowns of the trees in the area.


Projections of the new cycling bridge. / © Fonds Kirchberg

Another new gem in Kirchberg will be the green space at the foot of the towers from the European Court of Justice. Baptised the "garden of multilingualism", this park will serve as another breathing space in the urban area.


A large green space is set to be installed around the European Court of Justice. / © Fonds Kirchberg