A total of 566 tested positive for Covid-19 last week, out of which 461 had not been vaccinated. The remaining 18.6% were fully vaccinated.

New infections decreased for a third week in a row in Luxembourg. One person died after having contracted Covid-19 during the same time period. Between 19 and 15 July, 556 residents got infected, a 22% decrease compared to the previous seven days. The number of PCR tests went down from 49,884 to 43,736. Eleven people declared a positive rapid test.

Active infections also went down last week, from 1,497 (18 July) to 1,236 (25 July). 71,493 people count as recovered. The average age of Covid-19 patients increased from 27.5 years to 30.3 years. Hospitalisations went up from 8 to 17 last week. The intensive care unit has remained stable with four beds occupied.

The seven-day incidence rate decreased from 115 to 89 per 100,000 residents.

Fewer people had to self-isolate or enter quarantine last week: 1,588 (-18%) and 1,124 (-38%). Most infections occurred in family circles (27.3%), followed by holidays abroad (13.6%), and recreational activities (13.2%). In 36.6% of cases, no infection origin could be determined.

Between 19 and 25 July, more than 30,000 vaccine doses were administered. 4,835 people received a first jab, 25,826 the second one. As of 27 July, 694,898 doses have been administered. 336,137 people are fully vaccinated. Furthermore, 1,515 cross-border workers were vaccinated in the Grand Duchy between 12 and 27 July.