Minister of Health Paulette Lenert was accompanied by deputy Prime Minister Dan Kersch for Thursday's press briefing, as they offered details on amendments to Covid laws over the summer.

The most significant changes will affect the hospitality sector, as customers with self-administered rapid tests will no longer be able to frequent bars or restaurants after midnight. Fines for the hospitality sector will also increase from €4,000 to €6,000, jumping up to €12,000 for repeat offenders.

Private gatherings may take place with more than 10 people, so long as CovidCheck rules are maintained - thus falling in line with hospitality rules.

Medical assistants and nursing graduates will be permitted to conduct certified rapid tests.

Leave for familial reasons will be extended until 14 September.


Cross-vaccination will be possible in Luxembourg, as people aged 50 and under who received AstraZeneca for their first dose will be able to opt for Biontech/Pfizer or Moderna for their second dose, starting Friday. Although the EMA has not yet made a final decision regarding cross-vaccination, Luxembourg's Superior Council of Infectious Diseases confirmed its support for mixing vaccines at the start of the month.

70% of all over-18s have now received at least one jab.

Cross-border workers and Luxembourgers living abroad will now be allowed to sign up to a vaccine waitlist, with 4,295 signing up this week alone, 36% of whom are not resident in the Grand Duchy.

Authorities are yet to make a decision on third vaccine doses; however, doctors should notify the Ministry of Health of vulnerable patients who could benefit from additional protection, particularly patients taking immunosuppressants.

Rise in infections

Paulette Lenert said they were well aware of the risks involved, given the recent increase in new cases. She said it was important to make use of the vaccination scheme and to continue following sanitary measures. The CovidCheck system was functioning well, however it did not mean there were no further risks.

131 new cases were registered in Luxembourg on Thursday. Four patients are currently in hospital, with one person in intensive care.

In response to questions regarding post-vaccine infection, Lenert said 1,915 people in Luxembourg tested positive after their first jab, while just 433 people had a positive result following their second jab. 298 people tested positive two weeks after their second jab.

Finally, Dan Kersch, who stepped in for Prime Minister Xavier Bettel after the latter was discharged from hospital earlier today, confirmed the Waringo report, covering the handling of the pandemic in retirement and care homes, was due to be published over the next few days.