On Friday, the heavy rainfall took the residents of Reckange-sur-Mess by surprise.

They had very little time to act. Within ten minutes, the water levels in numerous basements had already reached the one-metre mark. The substantial amounts of mud but also mulch from the playground right next to the housing estate which were carried over by the rain made it very difficult for fire fighters to drain the water. While it is still too early to tell how much damage the floods caused exactly, it is clear that a lot will have to be disposed of. Furniture, electrical machines, kitchen appliances, clothes, toys, and numerous heirlooms fell victim to the mud.

Over the entire weekend, the neighbourhood's residents helped each other out. The municipal authorities were also there to offer their support. They provided waste containers, monitored the coordination between different companies, and try to support residents in dealing with their insurance companies. Since 2017, a few months after the devastating floods in Commune de la vallée de l'Ernz, the latter offer a specific insurance against floods. Seeing as extreme weather and natural events occur more and more frequently in the Grand Duchy as well, people are encouraged to make use of them. Some residents of Reckange-sur-Mess remember the last floods 26 years ago. However, they were less devastating than those from 4 June 2021.

Services offered by the municipality of Differdange

In a statement published on Monday, the municipality of Differdange stated that it would start to collect all objects that had been destroyed by the floods as of 7 June. In addition, residents will be able to request financial aid from the municipal authorities, if the floods had caused substantial damage not covered by their insurance. The municipality announced that further details would be revealed over the coming days.