The restaurants will reopen on 16 May, but you can only frequent them after being tested. There are three ways of doing this, including the on-site test, which still raises many questions.

The Horesca sector complained that the new restrictions imposed on the country's restaurants and cafés were not clear enough. How does one test oneself? Where does one get a test? Who checks? These are valid questions that the Chamber of Commerce finally answered on Friday.

In a press release that mainly served to confirm the free delivery of antagonistic self-tests to businesses in the Horesca sector as of next week, the Chamber of Commerce gave some details on how to proceed with the  on-site tests.

Customers will need either a negative PCR test less than 72 hours old or a negative result from a rapid antigen test less than 24 hours old to frequent the restaurant.

However, it will also be possible for customers to be tested on the spot, as is done in Trier. The details of this test were not made public by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health at the press conference this week.

The Chamber of Commerce therefore provided some clarification. It explained that customers waiting for the result of the test inside the establishment must wear a mask - a detail that had not been mentioned since the announcement of the reopening of the restaurants indoors.

This means that customers who are tested on site will be able to sit inside the restaurant while waiting for their results. The president of the hospitality and catering sector also suggested this week that the tests be carried out in the restaurants' toilets.

Should the results be positive, the person concerned will be asked to leave the establishment and will have to self-isolate, inform their contacts and declare their result on the platform provided (

It is important to note that the Chamber of Commerce only plays an advisory role in the political and legislative life of the country. This means that if the government decides to regulate on-site testing more strictly, these regulations will obviously prevail.