The current offer will be expanded, including four new specialisations for nurses.

There are 26 official health care professions in Luxembourg, and the selection of competences required to enter them is constantly changing. Government officials have once more reevaluated the necessary conditions and concluded that with the current model, the country is quickly approaching a shortage in the sector. Minister of Health Paulette Lenert noted: "This is a serious challenge and one that deserves our full attention."

In September last year, a new bachelor programme in medicine was launched. Next year, a similar course for specialised nurses will begin and the following year, a programme for general nurses is expected to be launched. In that regard, Minister for Higher Education and Research Claude Meisch highlighted the important role that the University of Luxembourg holds in guaranteeing the success of this process.

The "Lycée technique pour professions de santé" will continue training general nurses, while four specialised programmes move to the university campus. These include paediatrics, psychiatry, medical assistance, as well as resuscitation and anaesthetics.

Minister for the Greater Region Corinne Cahen meanwhile addressed worries that Luxembourg will now attract more people to study in its health care sector: "I already talked to the president of the Grand Est region and we both agreed that it is a necessary step that will benefit everyone."