The prison administration has announced that the Schrassig Penitentiary is currently in a "partial lockdown".

The decision was taken following a sudden spike in Covid-19 infections. So far, 15 prisoners from two blocks have been tested positive.

The lockdown has been imposed to avoid a further spread of the virus and includes measures which restrict the inmates' contact with outsiders. However, family visits are not prohibited, contrary to the first lockdown. Instead, the main goal of the "partial lockdown" is to avoid contacts between the prisoners themselves, which is why communal activities such as work or indoor exercise have been suspended until further notice. Outdoor exercise is still allowed. On the other hand, the prison chapel is currently closed.

The lockdown will remain in force for two weeks. The infected prisoners are said to be asymptomatic or display only few symptoms at the moment. Every inmate who was in contact with an infected individual has been put in quarantine for ten days.

The penitentiary is carrying out regular rapid tests. The prison's administration stated that it is currently working alongside experts from the National Health Directorate to create an efficient testing strategy.

In the near future, a type of large-scale testing for staff members will also be introduced. According to information obtained by RTL, every prisoner from the affected blocks as well as all of those who had contact with them has been tested for Covid-19 on Thursday.

The prison administration declined any further comments on the situation until it receives the test results. So far, it is not possible to determine a distinct pattern or the origin of the infections.

The prison's medical unit has been expanded and can now treat up to 30 prisoners. Patients experiencing a severe course of the disease are of course still hospitalised, if necessary, the administration confirmed.