A decision has also allegedly been taken not to introduce a person registration system for clients, as is currently the case in Germany.

The most recent laws and restrictions will expire on Good Friday. The Chamber thus needs to vote on the new amendments, which are set to be in place until a week after the Easter holidays, before the end of this week. As the state council has not voiced any opposition to the document, the timeline should be met.

Last week, Minister of Social Security Romain Schneider filed a proposal to allow bars and restaurants to open their terraces under strict safety measures from 7 April onward. According to information acquired by our colleagues at RTL, the proposal is to be retained despite a recent increase in Covid infections. However, sources have also conveyed that the person registration system for clients will be scrubbed from the proposal.

On Wednesday, officials will make a final assessment of the epidemiological situation, but it currently seems as though terraces will reopen on 7 April. The respective vote will presumably take place on Maundy Thursday.