To further reduce the number of coronavirus cases, a joint effort is needed to cut more contacts, say experts from Research Luxembourg.

In their latest publication, Research Luxembourg confirm that recent developments, with a daily average of 663 new infections this week compared to last week's average of 678, show that the situation has stabilised.

However, the reproduction rate has once again risen above 1, and we thus remain confronted with a certain volatility. The Covid-19 task force highlights that the statistics are extremely dependent on each individual's behaviour.

To decrease the number of new cases, a joint effort to reduce contacts, respect hygiene measures, and participate in large-scale testing is being asked of Luxembourg residents. Only if the curve is flattened can a potentially exponential increase be prevented, and it therefore remains vital to monitor the infection rate carefully over the coming weeks.

Based on current numbers, Research Luxembourg assumes that the peak of the current wave will be reached in the coming days at an average of 720 new infections. Last week, they expected a peak of 780 new infections.