A new record will be achieved in January 2021, when the minimum wage will once again increase, as Prime Minister Xavier Bettel announced on Friday.

In ten years, Luxembourg's minimum wage will have risen by around €444 for unskilled workers, and by €533 for skilled workers.

While it amounted to €1,757.56 for an unskilled employee in January 2011 (and €2,109.07 for a skilled employee), the minimum wage has undergone various, and sometimes unequal, changes.
Hence the two increases in 2013, before it was fixed in 2015. A further increase occurred in 2017.

On 1 January 2021, for its tenth increase in ten years, it will reach €2,201 gross (and around €2,642 for qualified employees).

Luxembourg is one of the most generous countries in Europe: it has one of the highest minimum wages in Europe, far ahead of Ireland with €1,706.90.