There are a number of options for getting a Covid test in Luxembourg, whether through a laboratory, testing station, or consultation centre.

We break down the availability of each option below.

Covid-19 consultation centre 

The first Covid consultation centre opened in Kirchberg on 26 October. People exhibiting symptoms which could potentially be Covid-related can get a test at the centre free of charge, without a prescription.

Patients will be required to display their identity card and social security details for their appointment, while those without social security may also be tested, according to the Ministry of Health.

The centre will only accommodate symptomatic patients, or those already diagnosed with Covid-19.

The CCC is open 10am to 5pm, 7 days a week, at the following address:
31, boulevard Konrad Adenauer
L-1115 Luxembourg-Kirchberg

A second centre may open in the south of the country if required.

GP prescription

People in possession of a GP prescription requesting a test may attend a laboratory, instead of one of the large scale testing stations, according to a statement published by the Ministry of Health on Monday.

Among the laboratories available are Bionext Lab, Laboratoires Ketterthill and Laboratoires Réunis.

Ketterthill laboratories require an appointment to be made in advance, and prescriptions are obligatory. PCR tests are carried out from 12-16pm.  Laboratoires Réunis do not require a prescription; however, Bionext Lab will not carry out a test unless the patient has a prescription.

Large Scale Testing

Residents and cross-border workers who have received an invitation for the large scale testing scheme should visit a testing centre, as part of the second phase which began on 16 September. Participation is free of charge and voluntary.

Appointments can be booked online at

Testing centres can be found below:

Screening for children

The new Covid-19 consultation centre in Kirchberg (CCC) cannot accommodate children under the age of 6. Suspected cases of Covid should be reviewed by the child's paediatrician or GP, or at the emergency department at the CHL paediatric clinic.

Infants younger than 2 can be screened by making an appointment at the Kannerklinik paediatric hospital. Appointments can be made here.

Screening for children aged 2 and over must be conducted at a drive-in testing centre or at a external laboratory, according to the Kannerklinik website.

Covid-19 test before and after a trip abroad

A number of countries require a negative test result for arriving travellers. The Luxembourg government therefore offers a free PCR test to citizens planning a trip abroad. As of 9 October, cross-border workers with Luxembourg social security are also entitled to a free test. The tests can be conducted before and after the trip takes place. More info is available on the Ministry of Health website.

Appointments can be made online at - however, this is only available for destinations which require an obligatory negative test

Tests are conducted at the following centres:

If no time slot is available for the desired date of the free test, it is possible for travellers to contact a private laboratory and have the test carried out at their own expense.

For further information, visit