The latest figures from the Ministry of Health show that 416 new cases of coronavirus were discovered yesterday.

The total number of deaths has increased by two to 138.

7,475  tests were carried out in the last 24 hours. The percentage of positive tests was thus 5.55%.

71 patients are in standard hospital care (+2), while 7 patients are currently in intensive care (+2). But, a note on this - they ministry has changed how they are reporting these figures, and now separate those with confirmed from those with suspected infections. Added together we get the number reported previously, and thus we see a slight increase. However, the number of people hospitalised with confirmed Covid-19 infections are 61 in standard care, and 6 in intensive care. From tomorrow on, we will only report on those hospitalised with confirmed infections.

The effective reproduction rate (Rt_eff) stands at 1.28, up from 1.25.

There are 3,060 active infections in Luxembourg, while 8,473 patients have recovered from the virus.

For the latest updates on the coronavirus both in Luxembourg and abroad, see our live ticker. Find the full report on today's numbers (government PDF) here.