The president of the Federation of Automotive Distributers and Mobility (FEDAMO) underlines that nevertheless there was a slump in sales during the first seven months of the year.

2019 was a record year, but all changed in 2020 with the beginning of the pandemic. The Luxembourgish automotive industry suffered severely during the months of confinement, but the sector seems to be picking up pace again. Never in the history of the country have this many cars been registered in the month of July.

In April, 1,192 new vehicles were registered, which is five times less than in 2019. In July, 5,509 cars were registered in total, the high number being linked to delayed orders due to the crisis. A little bump for the sector which is otherwise experiencing a 27% decline in sales.

The president of FEDAMO emphasises that its members are still struggling with delayed deliveries of around 10,000 vehicles and that the difficulties were far from being resolved. Nonetheless, the sector is experiencing a phase displacement, with the next few months being crucial to determine the future of the industry.

Up to €8,000 for electric cars

The first indicators bode well: customers have returned to the show rooms, are purchasing cars again, be that new ones or second-hand. The subsidisation of electric and hybrid vehicles also seems to bear fruit.

When it comes to the taxation of company vehicles, FEDAMO is still awaiting a response from the respective ministry. The sale of said vehicles form an essential part of the sector's revenues, a message that the federation is trying to get across.