Luxembourg's student union (D’Association des Cercles d’Étudiants Luxembourgeois) proposes a new platform allowing students to request coronavirus tests prior to taking exams abroad.

Many of Luxembourg's students are enrolled at universities abroad, which poses some issues with current restrictions.

Due to the current increase in cases, many countries have imposed either a fortnight's quarantine or require a negative test prior to allowing students to return to their places of study.

In order to support these students, the Ministries of Education and Health have joined together with the ACEL union to offer a new procedure.

A new platform will now allow students to request a voucher in order to be tested for free. In order to benefit from this document, certain conditions must be met:

- the student must be registered with a university or place of higher education
- the applicant must participate in a university event (exam, compulsory course)
- the country in which the university is based must require a negative test on arrival

Information concerning this new screening procedure is available on the website and in their official statement.