The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced this Wednesday that the deadline and validity of residence permits for third-country nationals have been extended from three months to six months.

Third-country nationals can benefit from the extension if they filed their declaration of arrival between 1 January and 31 July 2020. Residence permits that expired after 1 March 2020 remain valid until 31 August 2020.

Third-country nationals holding a short-stay visa and those who do not require a visa can legally stay in Luxembourg until 31 July 2020 if their 90-day visa expired after 1 March 2020.

The ministry has asked individuals who fall in these groups to make an appointment with the Passport, Visa, and Legalisation Office in order to apply for a "return visa." This type of visa will make it easier for them to leave the Schengen area.

International protection applicants who handed in their application before 16 March 2020 will receive a certificate in the coming days. Refugees who arrived after 16 March will receive an appointment to extend their certificate.