The government has confirmed the members of Luxembourg's high council for sustainable development.

Romain Poulles was named president of the council while Claudine Lorang and Norry Schneider will serve as vice-presidents.

10 members of the previous council stepped down when their mandate came to an end in 2019.

The new members are Georges Bock, Gaby Damjanovic, Christina Ehlert, Marc Elvinger, Véronique Faber, Patrick Losch, Claude Muller, Jacques Pir, Rachel Reckinger and Andrea Rumpf.

Claudine Lorang, Hedda Pahlson-Moller, Romain Poulles, Norry Schneider and Christiane Wickler have renewed their mandate.

Council for sustainable development

The council for sustainable development comprises 15 members from various sectors. They were selected on the basis of their knowledge, their skills, and their commitment.

Luxembourg's Minister of the Environment explained that the members were "not chosen at random" but because they "demonstrate social commitment and have the skills that are required to deal with this exceptional situation in order [for Luxembourg] to embark on a more resilient and sustainable path."

The new members are representatives of a broad spectrum of fields such as research, education, finance, environmental protection and urban development.