The latest figures from the Ministry of Heath see the number of confirmed cases in the Grand Duchy rise by 60 to 3,618, while the number of deaths has grown by 3 to 78.

There are currently 32 patients are currently in intensive care, while another 153 remain in hospital, with no changes in either since yesterday.

The total number of patients discharged from hospital has now reached 670, up 33 from yesterday.

Since the outbreak began, authorities have carried out 34,962 tests in Luxembourg, with 1,164 carried out in the last 24 hours.

This follows Monday's update, which saw an additional 8 confirmed cases and 2 deaths from COVID-19.

We also did a week-by-week comparison on coronavirus developments in Luxembourg this weekend, which showed that the number of confirmed cases has fallen considerably on a weekly basis.

For the latest updates on the coronavirus both in Luxembourg and abroad, see our live ticker.

Development since start of outbreak

New cases per day