Currently, the primary objective for Luxembourg's police is to ensure Covid-19 measures are adhered to.

Although the majority of the population has been respecting the restrictive measures put in place to reduce the spread of coronavirus, some are still contravening social distancing guidelines. Police have been carrying out vehicle checks across the country, although these have reduced in number in recent days. According to the regional director for the Centre and East, Arno Munhowen, more interventions are taking place at people's homes, as a number of people have accommodated guests. However, the police are yet to come across any large gatherings.

On several occasions the police have been contacted by people reporting their neighbours for holding garden parties during the warmer weather, which is prohibited at present. Officers aim to dispel such gatherings, explaining the reasons behind the ban to the culprits, but they have on occasion been forced to issue warnings and sanctions against more serious violations. Police have also intervened within commercial businesses operating when they should not be open.

The main mission of the police is currently to ensure compliance with the measures taken by the government in the fight against the Covid-19. They are supported by the judicial police and by police officers who work in the administrative services. Those breaking the measures may be arrested by a plainclothes criminal police officer, according to Arno Munhowen.

In compliance with the law, police are entitled to ask any individual for identification.

Private individuals who do not respect the restriction measures can be fined €145, while commercial businesses can risk fines between €4,000 and €8,000 for repeat offences.