The Scouts of Luxembourg have launched a help service for people who are at risk or who cannot leave their home.

The Luxembourg Scout Federation has been mobilised since the start of the pandemic. As soon as the first measures announced by Xavier Bettel, the scouts organised themselves to help the vulnerable.

The elderly and the sick are the main beneficiaries of this completely free service, which comprises shopping for groceries, collecting medication from the pharmacy, or taking dogs for a walk.

Raoul Wirion, the FNEL commissioner general, explained they received around 70 calls a day. In terms of dividing the services, adults tend to collect shopping as a car is required for transportation, while young people aged 16 and over can take pets for walks.

The volunteers all adhere to precautionary guidelines and have put hygienic measures in place to avoid contamination. Shopping is left outside homes to avoid physical contact.

For pets, the owners must tie them up outside their homes and the scouts collect them using their own leashes.
The help offered by the scouts has become more essential as more people are placed in quarantine. To date, no volunteer has fallen ill - proof their precautionary measures are working.

The scouts now hope to be able to continue their operation "A good deed every day". Anyone can volunteer to provide a little help to others.

If you would like to support FNEL scouts or take advantage of their help service, visit the website to contact them (and to make a donation).