Statec have announced the most in-demand industries from the last month.

Every month, the National Employment Agency (ADEM) announces the number of jobseekers across the country. At the end of August, 15,370 people were registered with ADEM, 2.9% more than the same date last year.

The job market, however, is somewhat dynamic, with 2,550 vacant posts. The top ten occupations most prized by employers in August 2019 made up around a third (28.4%) of all available roles. Below are the ten most wanted jobs in the last month.

TOP 10

  1. Accounting: 97 roles
  2. Financial auditors: 86 roles
  3. IT studies and developers: 84 roles
  4. Catering: 78 roles
  5. Kitchen staff: 71 roles
  6. Law: 66 roles
  7. Secretarial work: 65 roles
  8. Banking risk analysis: 61 roles
  9. Organisation and management consulting: 61 roles
  10. Front office for financial markets: 56 roles