More than 149,000 students will be returning or starting school on Monday, going back to their daily routines for the rest of the year.

Compared to the previous year, the number of pupils registered at Luxembourg's schools has risen by 1.76%. More than 57,000 children are enrolled in primary schools, followed by more than 48,000 in secondary schools. A total of 6,300 primary school teachers and nearly 4,500 secondary school teachers will be charged with educating these younglings.

The Ministry of Education released the figures ahead of the 2019 'Rentrée'. The return to school next week is staggered: primary schools start on Monday, followed by 7ième pupils (first year secondary school pupils) on Tuesday, and the rest of their lycée brethren on Wednesday.

The total 149,000 students includes adult students (28,000) and those enrolled in the National Languages Institute (INL)'s language courses (16,000). A further 16,000 students are enrolled in private schools.

The 2019/2020 academic year has required more than 10,800 teachers in total, with more than 6,300 working in primary schools alone. Female teachers dominate primary schools by making up nearly 80% of the workforce. The secondary school situation is more balanced, although female teachers again make up the majority at 54%.

As for spaces in childcare institutions, the actual and aggravated figures are published towards the end of the year. Last year, there were more than 59,000 places, 42,000 of which were in associated childcare structures such as Maisons Relaisen, daycare centres, and crèches. The remaining near 14,000 were offered in non-associated structures, alongside 2,800 with daycare staff. The total number of available spots rose by 5% within the year, although daycare staff spots dropped by 7%.