ACA, the Luxembourg Insurance and Reinsurance Association, has provided a preliminary estimate of the damage resulting from Friday's tornado.

On Wednesday, the insurance association detailed that victims have filed 2,400 compensation requests following the tornado that struck Bascharage and Pétange on 9 August.

Two thirds of the requests submitted concern damaged homes and the remaining third concerns vehicles destroyed by the tornado.

The association, which represents insurance companies in Luxembourg, has estimated that the payout for damage caused by the tornado lies at the €100 million mark.

Clear-up work will continue on the bank holiday and on Sunday

The municipality of Pétange has informed residents that there will be an exceptional situation taking place on Thursday 15 August (Assumption) and on Sunday. Ordinarily, article 34 of the police regulation prohibits gardening and other clearing work on Sundays and bank holidays. However, in light of the exceptional circumstances, the municipal council has annulled the article applying to the affected neighbourhoods.

This will apply only to Thursday 15 August and Sunday 18 August. Nevertheless, article 32, which ensures no work between 7pm and 7am, will remain in effect.