In their daily Q&A, the Luxembourgish Police gives us an insight on drinking and driving.


Luxembourg's police have launched a series of 'daily questions', where they answer common questions and clear up misconceptions on their Facebook page. In a recent such post, they answer the question of whether or not you can lose your driver's licence if caught cycling under the influence. So the question is... can you? Let us know what you think above, then scroll down a wee bit to find the answer!


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So... can you?

Yes, you can lose your permit as a cyclist. The Luxembourgish traffic laws speak of any 'driver of a vehicle or animal', meaning that horse riders, too, aren't permitted to be under the influence of alcohol when on public streets.

What is meant by 'vehicle' is any means of transport on wheels. So don't believe that it is a better idea to take a bike over a car when you've drunk.