RTL sources suggest that the sum of public funds embezzled in Hesperange, as announced by the municipality, could lie at the several million mark.

The municipal council of Hesperange has announced it will legally pursue two individuals for 'embezzling public funds' after noting accounting irregularities. The mayor and alderman of the council have already lodged a formal complaint.

According to the press release, the municipal authorities discovered the potential fraud. The authorities contacted a debtor who still owed the municipality funds. Once they contacted the individual, it transpired that the sum had been paid, but to a bank account not belonging to the municipality.

The municipal authorities stated that it was too early to identify the individual who provided the alternate bank account, but noted that two other contractors had transferred funds to the bank account.

The complaint has been lodged against X, with the municipality forming the civil party in the impending lawsuit. A police investigation will determine the party responsible for changing the bank account.

According to RTL sources, the amount embezzled could hit the €3 million mark. Mayor Marc Lies already suspected that the funds had been embezzled over the course of several decades, telling the municipal council on Monday that he believed the fraud took place over two decades. Lies also estimated that there had been a high point of fraud between 2006 and 2007.

Two employees of the municipality are suspected of being involved in the fraud. Whilst still presumed innocent, the two have had their roles suspended during the police and legal investigation.