Pirate Party MP Sven Clement submitted a parliamentary question on the entertaining incident in which a police Tesla broke down on the A1 in March.

Clement addressed his parliamentary question to Minister for Mobility and Public Works François Bausch, citing the Highway Code. Article 156 of the Code stipulates that drivers must have enough 'fuel' (or battery, in the case of the Tesla) to get to the next petrol station to fuel up or charge the vehicle, or face a fine.

The minister's response confirmed that the officers in question were not fined for their Tesla breaking down on the side of the A1 motorway on 22 March, as they had been carrying out technical maintenance on the vehicle to run down the battery.

Electric cars must have their batteries run down every 20,000 kilometres in order to keep up the maintenance. This, Bausch explained, is why the police officers were driving without a battery reserve. The minister added that the police have decided to carry out these technical tests nearer their service centres in the future to avoid such incidents.