Eurostat's data also show that Luxembourg has the highest gross value added by services out of any EU country.

A new statistics bulletin by Eurostat shows that Luxembourg is one out of only 7 EU countries where over 80% employment is in some form of service industry. At the top of the list is the Netherlands (83.8%), followed by the UK (82.4%), Belgium and Malta (both 81.3%), France (80.9%), Luxembourg (80.7%), and Denmark (80.5%). The EU-28 average is 74%.

Luxembourg comes out on top when it comes to the gross value added by services, at a whopping 87.4%. The rest of the top-5 includes Malta (85.2%), Cyprus (84%), France (79.3%), and the UK (79.2%). The EU-28 average is 73.4%.

See the link below for full data and an interactive graph.