On Wednesday, the governing council nominated Luc Marteling for the director position at the newly opened centre for the Luxembourgish language.

This nomination will still have to be signed by the Grand Duke to be finalised.

Luc Marteling joined RTL in 2008. He spent over a decade leading and expanding RTL's online presence, transforming RTL into what it is now.

The team of RTL.lu, RTL 5 minutes and RTL Today wish their former editor in chief good luck with his new position, which he will start on 1 July.

The four main objectives of the centre for the Luxembourgish language include publishing the rules on orthography and grammar of the Luxembourgish language, drafting and updating linguistic tools, answering questions related to orthography, grammar, phonetics and the right usage of the Luxembourgish language, and lastly, to proceed, on ministers' requests, with the translation of official documents and official communications.