Usually, Kirchberg brings images of bankers and investment trusts to mind. On Friday, however, a herd of 300 sheep took the limelight.

While not quite the Battle of Thermopylae, the adventure was nevertheless spectacular. On Friday morning, 300 sheep embarked on a journey from the " Kuebebierg"protected area to Bricherhof. The sheep were not left to their own devices, but were surrounded by a professional shepherd.

The fleecy flank should have arrived in the Klosegrënnchen park in Grünewald in the early afternoon, staying there until the 8 May.

Twice a year the sheep migrate from one pasture to the other in Kirchberg. The process is more than simply an ecological one, and also protects the biodiversity of the land.

The sheep migration allows the sheep to disperse seeds from one site to another and contributes to the extensive management of the Klosegrënnchen park, which is a refuge for endangered plants.

The herd is made up of two breeds under threat from domestic animals - the Moorschnucke, originating from Lower Saxony in north-west Germany and the Rhönschaf, an older breed of sheep known for its adaptation to different climates.