The Archbishop of Luxembourg announced that church bells throughout Luxembourg would ring for fifteen minutes in the late Grand Duke Jean's memory.

At 12.15pm Tuesday, church bells throughout Luxembourg rang for 15 minutes as a sign of mourning, respect, and support for the Grand Ducal family following the death of Grand Duke Jean.

Archbishop Jean-Claude Hollerich will also host a mass dedicated to the Grand Duke on Saturday 27 April. The mass will take place at 5pm at the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Archbishop has invited priests throughout the country to also organise similar masses.

National mourning

The government council met for an extraordinary meeting following the death of Grand Duke Jean. The government had an official minute's silence in honour of the deceased. Afterwards, in an official statement, the government proclaimed that national mourning will take place until Saturday 4 May at 6pm.

This means that the flags of official buildings and public places will remain at half-mast until the national mourning period ends. A governmental declaration will also be placed in the official journal of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Official statement

À la suite du décès de Son Altesse Royale le Grand-Duc Jean, le Conseil de gouvernement s’est réuni le mardi 23 avril 2019 pour une séance extraordinaire sous la présidence du Premier ministre Xavier Bettel.

Le gouvernement a observé une minute de silence à la mémoire du Défunt. Le gouvernement a proclamé le deuil national à observer jusqu’à samedi, le 4 mai à 18 heures.

Durant le deuil national, les drapeaux seront mis en berne sur les bâtiments et lieux publics. Une déclaration du gouvernement sera insérée au Journal officiel du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg.