In the face of rising energy prices, enoprimes is launching a special action until December 2022: your premiums will be increasing too! Now is the time to renovate your home.

Have a renovation project in mind? Think enoprimes! You’ll benefit on all fronts: reduction in the cost of the work, energy savings and making an environmentally friendly choice.

Enovos, the main energy supplier in Luxembourg and a dynamic player in the energy transition, will support you in your project via the enoprimes programme.

Do you live in an old house and want to renovate it? The first thing to check is the insulation. Good insulation will allow you to better control your energy costs while limiting greenhouse gas emissions. It will ensure a cooler temperature during hot spells and, conversely, will better retain the heat in winter. These savings are made even more attractive by enoprimes, which rewards the energy savings you make. The good news is that enoprimes has launched a special action that increases the premiums: for example, the premium for insulating a façade has been doubled this year.

This special action lasts until December. The increase in premiums also applies to the installation of an air-water heat pump as part of the renovation of a single-family home (if you replace your old gas boiler, for example). This work entitles you to a EUR 5,000 bonus, which can be combined with other schemes such as the “fonds nova naturstroum” and the state’s new Klimabonus (formerly PRIMe House).

In this example, the total amount of subsidies can exceed EUR 10,000 if the heat pump replaces a fossil fuel installation that is older than 10 years.

The enoprimes bonusfuel substitution of EUR 500 is added if you can replace an old oil-fired boiler with a heat pump.

How do you benefit from enoprimes? It’s very simple: enoprimes’ approved partners will put together a dossier for you. All you have to do is sign the cost estimate. Please ensure that the application for the premium is submitted before placing the order for your work. For its part, enoprimes undertakes to pay you the grant within four weeks of validation of the application. The amount allocated will depend on the work undertaken: the more energy-saving the work, the higher the premium!

Furthermore, in order to help Luxembourg households save energy even without renovation work, Enovos, with his energy efficiency programm enoprimes, distributes free energy saving kits in collaboration with Luxembourg’s municipalities. These kits include two aerators/water savers for taps, a shower flow regulator, a flow meter bag, a shower hourglass, three LED lamps, a room thermometer, a roll of insulating sealant for doors and windows and an adhesive door sweep. These energy saving kits allow you to save up to 59 m3 of water, 3,706 kWh of energy and 329 kg of CO2 each year.

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