As you may already know, Luxembourg offers many great biking routes! From scenic to challenging, and family-friendly, there is no scarcity of options.

We already have some lined up here. Today, we’re offering some more, divided by starting point, so you can choose what suits you best.

Starting Point: Youth Hostel Larochette

If you are ready for a challenge and want to see some breathtaking views along your way, then head up North for this beautiful mountain bike trail. It will take you about 4 hours and requires some technical skill, but the landscape is sure to make it worth your while. Going through valleys, forests, rivers and castles, it will be a pleasurable way to get a sweat in.

Type: Scenic - mountain bike

Distance: 27 Kilometres - more here.

Starting Point: Place de la Constitution (Luxembourg city)

A trail intended to celebrate and help you discover Luxembourg’s World Heritage site - the fortifications and historical quarter, it’s great for families or if you need a lighter route. The trip shouldn’t take you more than two hours, and it will bring you through some of Luxembourg’s most picturesque spots from the Grund through Pfaffenthal.

You can even complete this one using the Vél’oh city bikes!

Type: Sightseeing - city bike

Distance: 9,5 Kilometres - more here.

Starting Point: Musée Tudor Rosport

This circular tour is another scenic trail that also offers other attractions. Indeed, before or after your biking trip, you can visit the Musée Tudor, an interactive electricity museum! You will ride through, among others, charming villages, past a hermit’s chapel, and up a plateau from which you will be treated to amazing views.

Type: Scenic - all bikes

Distance: 47,27 Kilometres - more here.

Starting Point: Centre Nature et Forêt Ellergronn

This accessible mountain bike trail is located in the nature reserve of Ellergronn in the South. You’ll drive through the former mining region, and many exciting sights await you: mine entrances, abandoned wagons, an old iron ore funicular, and unused train tracks. You can also visit the Nature and Forest Centre and learn more about the legacy of mining in the region.

Type: Unusual - Mountain bike

Distance:  29 Kilometres - more here.

Starting Point: Rue de la Piscine Pétange

Ever wanted to make use of Luxembourg’s small size? Then follow along this route and you’ll be able to say you have travelled the country from East to West in one bike ride. An easily adaptable and mostly flat route, there are also many stops you can make along the way to make the journey more interesting, such as the Brasserie Nationale for beer fans, the monument celebrating the Schengen agreement, a rural and artisanal museum, or the Remerschen lakes to cite just some.

Type: Scenic - all bikes

Distance: 57,53 Kilometres - more here.

So summon your inner Schleck and let’s go!