Beyond Music Trio is set to showcase Luxembourg's cultural heritage in Vianden Castle on 11 November, creating an unforgettable multi-sensory experience.

Beyond Music is a Luxembourg-based trio of DJs and creators whose mission is to orchestrate and broadcast electronic music events in unique locations in Luxembourg. Their prime goal is to showcase cultural heritage sites while promoting Luxembourgish art, culture and artists.

After successfully organizing events at iconic locations such as Place de l'Europe in Kirchberg (Harmony Festival), the panoramic platform at Belvédère Burfelt, and the UNESCO world heritage site Casemates du Bock, the team consisting of Asiqur Rahman (Ashik), Lucas Mathis (Mathis Evasion) and Robbie King (Svelte) has now set their sights on the historic castle in Vianden.

The event takes place on Saturday, 11 November featuring 2 stages with the second stage set in the castle's cellar, a collaboration with Lauter Records, one of Luxembourg's leading electronic record labels. "This collaboration highlights Luxembourgish record labels, contributing to the growth of our local electronic music industry", emphasized the trio.

Adding an international flavour to the mix, Annina from Berlin will join the roster that includes 7 local artists, promising a cross-cultural musical experience. However, the event has already sold out with followers of Beyond Music snapping up the tickets in just 30 hours.


© Beyond Music

As their mission centers on showcasing Luxembourg's cultural heritage and promoting local artists, they have planned to record the DJ set and release it on their official YouTube channel. This strategic move aims to position Luxembourg as a hub of creativity in the international electronic music scene. In Svelte's words, "Our minimalistic production philosophy prioritizes the preservation of the natural splendor and historical significance of these venues."

Mathis Evasion stated, "Collaboration is at the heart of Beyond Music's success. Our collaborations with institutions like the Ministry of Culture, Vianden Castle and the National Institute for Architectural Heritage underscore our commitment to cultural preservation." Their collaboration with Today Radio broadcasted over 50 guest mixes from producers based in Luxembourg and around the world are now available on the RTL Play.

"Our goal is to continue to push the boundaries of musical creativity, create unforgettable multi-sensory experiences and put Luxembourg on the global electronic music map", the enthusiastic team concluded.

"Collaborations are really important to us", explained Mathis Evasion, "It keeps us motivated to work on new projects. We always want the locations to be different and put the spotlight on new artists and people like video producers and local record labels."

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