Prince Charles, second in line to the throne, and firstborn child of Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and his wife, Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie, was welcomed to the world on 10 May 2020.

Nearly five months on, the couple spoke to RTL about their experiences as new parents, offering an honest look into their daily lives with their baby son.

The hereditary Grand Ducal couple welcomed the RTL team into their home in Fischbach. The baby prince joined them for the interview and behaved in an exemplary manner as his parents shared their thoughts on the trials and tribulations of new parents.

Chatting to RTL journalist Deborah Ceccacci, the couple offered their views on what has been a topsy-turvy year; a pregnancy overshadowed by the pandemic; the birth announcement, which coincided with the Waringo report on court controversies, and Charles' christening, which was held under strict sanitary measures.

In spite of the additional challenges which accompanied the the first few months of little Charel's life, the couple told Ceccacci how they were enjoying daily life with their son, with Stéphanie adding that their days were never boring with a baby.

After their wedding in 2012, the couple chose to spend their time focusing on adapting to their new lives, not only as a married couple, but also as hereditary Grand Duke and Duchess. Guillaume explained they needed the time to find their feet before starting a family, announcing their pregnancy on 6 December last year. The couple looked back fondly on the announcement, remembering the joy and emotion before the country was plunged into lockdown just a couple of months before their due date.

In spite of the turmoil caused by the pandemic, Stéphanie explained the couple had been confined just the two of them, so used the time to prepare for the birth. Guillaume added they had tried to make the best of the situation.

Ceccacci inquired as to the history behind the baby prince's name: Charles Jean-Philippe Joseph Marie-Guillaume. He was named for his great-great uncle and for his great-great grandmother Grand Duchess Charlotte. The future Grand Duke's other names honour Grand Duke Jean, who passed away last year, and his grandfather Philippe, and Joseph for his great-grandfather. Finally, Marie-Guillaume is a family name, explained the Hereditary Grand Duke.

While the couple acknowledged that their first few months as new parents had not been easy, particularly on the sleep front, they both agreed Prince Charles was a sweet and affable baby who liked to laugh. They discussed the values they would like to impart on their son as he grows older, with Guillaume highlighting aspects of his own childhood and the way he was raised, which he would like to pass down to the next in line to the throne. Guillaume praised his father for his sense of duty towards his people, and lauded his mother's ways of approaching people with warmth, as well as her dedication to social causes. However, he added he was happy to make the most of time with his son before considering his next role as future Grand Duke.

As for the future, the couple expressed their desire to eventually grow their family, but currently said they were dedicated to enjoying life with little Charles.

(Video in Luxembourgish)