On Sunday 10 May, the country woke up to the news of the birth of Charles Jean Philippe Joseph Marie Guillaume, and congratulations soon began to flow in from all corners.

Early yesterday morning, the Grand Duke called Prime Minister Xavier Bettel to share the news of the young prince's birth.

"It brings me great joy as a Luxembourger, and we can all rejoice in the latest addition to the court, but more importantly, the Grand Ducal couple. This means that if everything goes well, the young - and allow me to say it in Luxembourgish - 'Charel' will become the new Hereditary Grand Duke, and eventually Grand Duke, which makes me happy. I remember marrying the young couple in October 2012, and have been there every step of the way, witnessing the feelings and the love grow between them, and it is with immense joy that we can share this with them." 

Extrait Xavier Bettel (1)

The Prime Minister also said that it was an honour to announce the birth of the future head of state:

"There will be a government announcement that all ministers must sign. This will be arranged within the next couple of hours so it can be released on Monday. As I've said, it's with great pleasure and honour to be able to be part of this happy occasion. They are a lovely couple, a very humane couple, full of empathy, full of compassion, and I really am very happy for them. I can only imagine... that while it's a source of great happiness for us, the family's experience will be beyond words."

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If you want to congratulate the couple...

Go to monarchie.lu to send a digital message to the new parents!

Or you can be traditional and send a letter to: Château de Fischbach L-7430 Fischbach

Luxembourgish Army

The newborn's arrival was celebrated with 21 canon balls at midday Sunday at Fetschenhof.

Lëtzebuerger Arméi

21 Kanouneschëss um Fetschenhaff
Zu Éiere vum Prënz Charles

Luxembourg's Scouts and Guides

Her Highness, Monseigneur,

Scouting in Luxembourg wants to send our warmest congratulations to Her Highness and Our Scout Leader, the young and proud parents of the young Prince Charles Jean Philippe Joseph Marie Guillaume.

The wonderful news was joyfully welcomed by all of Luxembourg's Guides and Scouts, both young and old.

Our thoughts also go to Our Scout Leader's grandfather, whose deathday we also celebrated this week.

With deepest respect and devotion to the Grand Ducal Court, we wish You a future filled with joy, a good night's sleep and many exciting adventures with the newest Scout-member.

Best wishes from both Guides and Scouts,

Raoul Wirion, Chief Commissionner FNEL and Anouk GALASSI, Chief Commissionner LGS, SiL President

Chamber of Deputies

The President of the Chamber of Deputies Fernand Etgen also congratulated the new parents, Their Royal Highnesses, the Hereditary Grand Duke and Grand Duchess, on the occasion of the birth of their first child this Sunday, 10 May:

"The members of the Chamber of Deputies and I are happy to send you our warmest congratulations on the occasion of the birth of your son Prince Charles Jean Philippe Joseph Marie Guillaume.”

Adding: "Our best wishes for happiness go out to the little Prince Charles".

General Secretary Laurent Scheeck was also included in the congratulations.