Hereditary Grand Duke Prince Guillaume has been attending London's Royal College of Defence Studies since September. The college is known for preparing the world leaders of tomorrow.

RTL accompanied the prince on a typical day at the college in an exclusive insight into his preparations for his future.

Grand Duke of Luxembourg is not a role one would seek out - born to great responsibility and prepared from a young age, the process is still ongoing for Prince Guillaume, who moved to London with his wife last autumn. The Royal College of Defence Studies provides a somewhat unusual formation for senior officers and future world leaders, helping them prepare for work at the highest strategic level.

AUDIO: Prince Guillaume on the future (Luxembourgish)

In conversation with RTL, Prince Guillaume explained how fortunate he is to have great role models within his family, speaking with great love of the late Grand Duke Jean, who spent much time in London during the Second World War. Following in the footsteps of his grandfather and father, the prince acknowledged that the role of Grand Duke will evolve and change with the times, as the world we live in is changing on a regular basis. He said he was aware of what the role would entail, the honour and privilege, but also the responsibility, and he is prepared to adapt when needed.

As a result of this, Prince Guillaume and his wife, Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie, have made the most of their time in London, which is set to end next month - a chance to live as a somewhat regular couple before returning to their duty.

AUDIO: Prince Guillaume on life in London (Luxembourgish)

The prince emphasised this, saying it was an experience which most couples live through after marriage, and that the couple have enjoyed being able to visit restaurants, gyms, or simply walk in London's parks. They will return home to Luxembourg when the College's course ends in July.

Video (with English snippets) and audio in Luxembourgish.