Thinking about kicking the new year off healthily and going vegan for a month? Some restaurants not to miss!

Whether you are already a vegetarian who is transitioning into veganism, an omnivore who has simply decided to try something new, or just someone who likes a personal challenge - veganuary could be something for you. We know it can be hard, which is why we'll start this culinary journey with some dos and don'ts that should lend you a helping hand in adopting your new lifestyle (even if it's just for a month):

A selection of Luxembourg restaurants that serve vegan food - we've got some tasty videos

You might want to check HaPP in Luxembourg. Their varied menu boasts many vegan and vegetarian options, food is sourced locally and made from scratch each day. Yummy.

Who doesn't like a good Indian curry? The beauty of Nirvana Café in Luxembourg City is that it combines veganism with delicious Indian food at affordable prices.

Another gem is Oak Bistro, who offer different, organic, palm-oil free, plant-based and gluten free dishes every day. The food is excellent and definitely a place to discover if you haven't already.

Flowers Kitchen just off the avenue de la Liberte serves vegan food of superior nutritional integrity and delicious taste and they are on a mission is to make you fall in love with vegan « good for you » food!

One of the most famous vegan places in Luxembourg remains Beet, which has has plenty of locally sourced and seasonally inspired dishes to tempt your tastebuds.

If veganism is too big a leap for you, why not start with vegetarianism - it's now easier than ever, even in a meat-loving country like Luxembourg.

Bon appétit!