Can you write an article about ice cream without the words 'I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream?'. No, inevitably not.

The ongoing heatwave has probably given many of you a hankering for a nice cold treat, so we have put together a list of the best artisanal ice cream parlours in Luxembourg.

Whilst any old ice cream or sorbet can hit the spot, often we strive for something better - good quality gelato made at the parlour in question.

1. Bargello

Laura Fontani is on a mission to spread the art of ice cream around Luxembourg with her scooter bike usually found in the Central station neighbourhood. Fontani comes from a family of Florentine ice cream makers, so it is certainly safe to say she knows the secret on how to make the best homemade ice cream without a hint of artificial colouring or flavours.


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You can get an ice cream cone, a pot, ice cream on a stick, or even a litre to take home at Bargello. Fontani offers the classic flavours, namely vanilla, pistacho, in-season fruits, but also creates different and unique flavours, emerging from the Italian tradition: ricotta, fig and honey, bergamot, and mascarpone and coffee.

We recommend: the Mojito sorbet.

2. Anna & Paul

One year ago, this ice cream parlour founded in Bologna opened its doors in Bertrange. Everything is made onsite and the parlour is renowned for its unique spin on ice cream, such as a daring foie gras ice cream, or scoops of ice cream looking like a very concerning mozzarella, tomato, and basil meal.

Whilst some of us may not want to choose too bold an option, we definitely recommend trying the unique fruit mixes such as avocado and lime, pomegranate and pepper, or lychee and strawberry.


Of course, the parlour also has classic flavours. Anna & Paul is always looking for new challenges, which means there are also vegan options.

We recommend: the Piedmont hazelnut ice cream.

3. Bonomeria

Not far from Merl park, the Italian ice cream parlour offers elaborate ice cream made from the best natural ingredients, such as Piedmont hazelnuts or in-season fruit. The ice cream at Bonomeria also isn't artificially sweetened for those of you who prefer a less sweet taste.


Like the others, Bonomeria has classic flavours on offer alongside seasonal original flavours like the Fior di Basilico, made with fresh basil.

We recommend: the pistachio ice cream without green food colouring!

4. Marcello

A newcomer on the artisanal ice cream scene, Marcello ice cream is distributed in Goeres restaurants, especially the Biscuiterie in Merl park. The ice cream is made onsite by pâtissiers trained in Italy at the Gelato University of Carpigiani. The ice creams are inspired by Italian flavours using Luxembourgish dairy products.


Marcello has classic flavours including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and lemon, but also has some unique flavours such as the 80s throwback rum and raisin, salted caramel with peanuts, and a number of exotic fruits.
We recommend: the yogurt and amarena ice cream.

5. Veniziano

Finally, the established Veneziano, found in the middle of the city! A well-known institution for lots of Luxembourgers, you can get a cone to go or have a sundae onsite (with or without cream, based on your preference). The choice of flavours is quite extensive, so you will certainly find something you like.


Veneziano also creates a series of ice creams on sticks with fruit, chocolate, or hazelnuts - delicious.

We recommend: the mango sorbet on a stick.