The new edition of the Michelin guide for Belgium and Luxembourg has been released, and the Grand Duchy has fared rather well!

Luxembourg now boasts another restaurant with 2 Michelin stars, as Cyril Molard of "Ma Langue Sourit" in Oetrange has added another star to the one he received some nine years ago. Michelin's press statement notes that Molard never ceases to surprise his guests with an impressive palette of flavours and attention to detail. Next to "Mosconi" in Luxembourg City, this marks Luxembourg's second two-star restaurant.

The gastronomic efforts made at "Aux Jardins d'Anaïs" in Clausen, which opened in May, were also noted. It shows that six months was enough time for Christophe Quentin's kitchen to prove to the Michelin Guide's testers that the food was Michelin star-worthy.

Sad news for "Favaro" in Esch-sur-Alzette, "Patin d'Or" by Kockelsheuer, and "La Gaichel" in Gaichel. Thses restaurants all lost their Michelin stars.

Despite that, Luxembourg has several Michelin-star restaurants on offer, the full list can be found here* and in the PDF below.

*As of publication, the online Michelin guide does not reflect the new ratings. The printed guide will published this week.