If you drop by a Luxembourg fitness center these days, you might be surprised by the number of people sitting and looking at their phones.

It might seem that these people are being lazy or are unable to resist the allure of constant connectivity, but in fact they are devotees of a popular new local fitness craze.

Suitable for everyone from weightlifters to lovers of group classes, the routine involves doing any exercise of your choice for 30 seconds and then sitting and looking at your phone for three or more minutes. You repeat this sequence until you get bored or your battery dies.

“I’ve seen massive gains,” said one weightlifter who now spends most of his time on the leg press machine while not actually using it. “My butt has gained 10 percent of mass, and because I’m always hunched over, I’ve developed awesome curvature in my back that makes me look like Quasimodo.”

Sports experts say the routine is among the safest and helps to prevent injuries.

“Not a lot can happen when you’re sitting down looking at your phone,” said one personal trainer. “Maybe someone can drop a weight on your foot, or in freak circumstances, your phone can explode and the surveillance video of the incident will end up on YouTube and get a million views, but that’s about it.”

The routine is so popular that many gym clubs now offer fitness classes built on the concept. One club in Bereldange has been promoting a class called “Fone Fitness” which is advertised as “60 minutes of strenuous phone action.”

“And lift, and look, unlock, and scroll,” recently chanted one instructor while a dozen students, all sitting on the floor with iPhones and Samsungs, followed her instructions. “That’s it, now scroll baby, scroll baby.”

“Work those fingers and forearms,” she added. “I want to see tight grips and your index fingers moving.”

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