Yes, you heard correctly! On the 29th of March we celebrate the mystical creatures who are half-human, half-fish!

In honour of this special day, you can go for a swim at your local swimming pool and pretend you're one of the merfolk! Or why not get some popcorn and put on a mermaid movie, or TV show to enjoy with your friends or family? For the more adventurous souls out there, may we suggest a mermaid themed party?

This day can be celebrated in many ways! If you feel like having a movie night, some popular TV shows about mermaids include "Mako Mermaids" and "H20 Just add water". Some famous movies about mermaids are "Aquamarine" and the Disney classic, "The little mermaid".

Also, did you know the movie "The little Mermaid" is being remade into a live action movie? You can watch the trailer video below!

Luxembourg's famous mermaid

Did you know that Luxemourg has its own celebrated mermaid? Does the name "Melusina" ring a bell for some of you?

Melusina is a well known figure of Luxembourg's history. According to the legend, Count Siegfried of Luxembourg once heard a beautiful singing voice. As he got closer, he saw the most stunning women he had ever seen, Melusina.



Unexpectedly he had fallen in love with her and wanted to marry her. Melusina did not mind the thought of it but had one condition, she would be left alone once a week in the bathroom. Siegfried did not see why that would be a problem and was more than happy to accept this condition. A while later, curiosity got the better of Siegfried and he decided to see what Melusina was doing.

Peeping through the hole of the door, Siegfried saw Melusina combing her long hair in the bath tub, but he also saw something else. His wife's legs were replaced by a long fish tail! Siegfried gasped in horror and Melusina realised that Siegfried had broken his promise. Panicked, she jumped out of the window and into the nearest river and was never seen again. Legend has it that she still roams through the waters of Luxembourg until this day...

You can find the statue of Melusina at 13 Rue Plaetis in Luxembourg.

So whether you believe in a bit of magic or not, let us raise a glass of seawater to all the mermaids out there - we may not be able to join you under the sea, but we'll always be your biggest fans.