Brand new Luxembourg electronic DJ duo A-55 will showcase an exclusive live DJ set covering a wide palette of their original productions.

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It will be packed with the brilliant synth-infused singles recently released via Bonus Noise Records, along with more daring trap and house tracks from their early inception days.

Founded by Thomas Evans & Jonathan Demortier in Namur Belgium, A-55 moved their musical activities to Luxembourg in early 2019.

Their instrumentals propel one forward towards a rave in the woods or a silent disco in your grandma's living room.

© Bonus Noise Records

Debut EP 'Binary Habits' was released via Bonus Noise Records during spring 2020, with further releases scheduled for 2020.

Hear it all from the comfort of your couch, or by turning your living room into a dance floor, this Sunday on RTL Today.

Facebook Live 8pm.