US news network CNN has compiled a list of the most beautiful castles in the world, with Vianden Castle appearing in the ranking once more.

Luxembourg's most popular tourist attraction features alongside other destinations such as Neuschwanstein in Germany, Himeji in Japan or France's Château de Chambord on the American broadcaster's list of most beautiful castles. Vianden Castle also featured on the list back in 2019.

In July and August, an average of 90,000 visitors flock to Vianden Castle from all around the world. The castle's exceptional condition, and its rich, varied history have assured its global popularity.



The castle itself is known for its blend of Romanesque and Gothic elements, combined with stylistic features from the Renaissance. Built between the 11th and 14th centuries in Vianden, the castle was owned by the Grand Ducal family until 1977, at which point it passed under state control.

In the updated list, CNN also highlights Luxembourg's numerous other castles, with over 70 castles and fortresses spread across the Duchy's small landmass.

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